What is Nutritional Therapy?



Consider this: You are a collection of 100 trillion cells and each and every one of your cells requires proper nutrition. Not only are your cells made from nutrients, they also require specific nutrients in order to function.  In other words, your cells cannot do their job without proper nutrition. Why does this matter? Because cells are the basic unit of life! They are the building blocks of your tissues which form your organs. Your organs constantly perform numerous functions to keep your body alive and well. A nutrient deficiency can result in impaired cellular function which affects your body's ability to repair and rebuild. When your cells are impaired, you experience a variety of unpleasant symptoms and can develop disease. Quality of life depends on healthy cells, and healthy cells depend upon quality nutrition. Nutritional therapy can help you achieve optimal wellness.


Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTPs) are provided an education in eating properly prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods which support the foundations of health: digestion, blood sugar regulation, essential fatty acid balance, mineral balance and hydration.  Certified NTP's are trained to evaluate your nutritional needs, to support normal function and to identify nutritional deficiencies. Nutritional Therapists make recommendations for dietary changes, lifestyle considerations and nutritional supplements. We do this through a client interview, food journal analysis, a nutritional assessment questionnaire, and a functional evaluation which will provide information on how well your foundations are currently functioning. Finally, we  identify the specific nutrients your body needs through a lingual-neural test. Based on the information gathered together, an NTP will make nutritional recommendations to address your specific foundational needs and will provide a sustainable plan for you to follow.​


Nutritional therapy can be helpful for many different people.

Nutritional Therapy is beneficial for those who are willing to make a lasting investment in their personal health. If you are committed to putting in the time and effort required to make significant dietary and lifestyle changes, Nutritional Therapy will greatly improve the quality of your life. If you want to partner with a holistic health practitioner who is 100% committed to your success- Nutritional Therapy is right for you. 

Achieving optimal wellness may mean giving up certain foods. It may require you to make lifestyle changes that seem difficult at first. However, once you begin to experience the vitality which results from happy, healthy cells,  it will be well worth the effort. What's more, you will be armed with knowledge about your nutritional needs and will always be able to rebalance your foundations when things get out of whack. 

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