Elissa Pic

Certifications and Training

  • Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner•Nutritional Therapy Association
  • Certified Fat-Loss Nutrition Consultant•Metabolic Effect
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis•Holistic Mineral Balancing
  • RESTART® Program Instructor 


I am passionate about food. When we eat what our body truly needs, we feel good.  As we support our body's healing processes, many symptoms disappear and we discover a new self - one that is full of energy and vitality. Food is amazing!

I used to suffer from many health problems until I began to identify what I needed (and didn’t need) in my diet. With this knowledge I was able to lose weight (and keep it off), eliminate digestive troubles, clear up my skin, reduce pain, improve my mood and regain my energy.

This HUGE lifestyle change sparked my desire to empower others to achieve their health goals and so I became a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

I support women to recover their energy and joy so that they can live the life they love. I specialize in rebalancing digestive function and optimizing metabolism through mineral balancing.

I know everyone is unique and I embrace bio-individuality. We all have different starting places depending on our lifestyle, culture, and  genetics. As an NTP, my work is to help you tap into your body’s innate intelligence, to discover the foods which support your health, and to coach you along the way so that you achieve your goals.


Green Heron Wellness provides individualized wellness programs empowering you to improve your health and increase vitality so that you may live life well.​

Achieving vitality is possible when you strengthen your body's foundations: digestion, blood sugar handling, fatty acid balance, mineral balance and hydration. When any foundation is out of balance you may experience unpleasant symptoms such as skin disorders, weight gain, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, depression, inflammation, fatigue, mood swings, indigestion and more. The good news is you have control over your health! Many people find when they support these foundations their health improves.

The first step towards balancing your foundations is learning how your nutritional needs are unique. What foods does your body need? Any food can cause one person to feel good, have no effect on another, and cause a third person to feel poorly. Green Heron Wellness will help you identify the right foods for your body with emphasis on properly prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods to support your foundations.​​

I look forward to working with you!


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